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About Us

JLV Handyman Repair Service was established in 1999 as a

family owned and operated business. Its owner Jose Luis

Vaquera has over 15 years of experience in the remodeling and

handyman business.


He supervises every project and makes sure everything is done

right and as close to perfect as possible. JLV Handyman is

different from other companies by giving each of our clients the

time that is needed to finish their project on time and with the

highest quality. We don't rush things to finish fast  and get paid.

We care about the quality and give our whole time and effort

before working in the next job.


Our reputation was built by the quality we give to each of our

customers and taking care of it makes a big part of our

success.We have been serving the cities of Dallas, Plano,

Mckinney, Frisco and more for over 10 years now and we

continue to satisfy customers all over the Metroplex Area !!!


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